About Incubation Centre

About Incubation Centre

The Incubation Centre has been established in, 2017 in Yashoda Technical Campus, satara .The Incubation Centre aims to inculcate the entrepreneurship skills among the students.

At the initial level, the interviews of interested students are scheduled, the selected group of students was motivated to collect society’s problems and solve those problems through advance technologies. Our incubation cell has developed 6 Projects on the base of society’s problems till now and also has selected for patents filling. The incubation center arranging training for the selected students on advance technologies twice in a month.


1. Following are the main aims and objectives behind the Incubation Centre

2. To develop the Entrepreneurs.

3. To help with business basics.

4. To make aware about marketing policies and Conditions.

5. To give a real experience of starting a business unit.

6. To deal with the practical approaches of the theories.

7. To encourage the leadership qualities.

8. To develop the presentation skills.

9. To develop the skills like management, risk taking and Decision Making.

Decision Making:

1. To take the real experiences of investments, profits and losses arising out of business.

2. To make aware about the market competitions and business strategies.

3. To promote students to start new businesses.

4. To make the students self-employed.