Department of General Science & Humanities

Department of General Science & Humanities


Department is committed to serving the needs of various branches of Engineering by imparting an effective teaching and learning environment.

Our department faculty members provides an encouraging environment to develop the intellectual capacity, critical thinking, creativity and problem solving ability in students so that they can contribute in the area of Science and Engineering. We are treating the first year as a separate department which has strong administration, infrastructure and dedicated team of faculty. Under this department the Laboratories are of Basic Engineering subjects such as Basic Mechanical Engineering, Basic Civil Engineering, Basic Electrical Engineering and Basic Electronics Engineering along with Engineering Physics and Engineering Chemistry.


Title Info
Under Graduate Programme (B.Tech) First Year Engineering
Total Classroom 4
Total Laboratories 4
Total Assistant Professor 9
Total Faculty 9
Non-teaching Faculty 1
Supporting Technical Staff 1

Overview of Department

The Department of General Sciences and Humanities was established in 2011, comprises 12 multi-disciplinary faculty members mainly related to Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Civil Engineering, Basic Electrical Engineering, Basic Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Engineering. The department has well equipped laboratories which enable faculty and students to apply fundamental knowledge to create innovative new technologies.

All the subjects of First year engineering are taught by our well qualified and experienced faculty members. Department of General Sciences and Humanities runs an exclusive Guardian Faculty Member (GFM) Scheme. Each faculty is taking care of a group of 20 students.

Our team of First Year Engineering staff is continuously involved in student centered activities. Daily each GFM interact telephonically with the parents of students those who are absent on the day or even for a single lecture. They also interact directly with the parents of respective student once in a week and share the progress of the students. Personal care of students is being taken by faculty members so that they feel homely environment.

Strength of Department

  • Good infrastructure.
  • Well-equipped laboratories.
  • Excellent teaching learning environment.
  • Department is working on outcome base teaching-learning process.
  • Well qualified and also experienced staff.
  • E library facility for students.
  • Girls and boys hostel with all facilities.
  • College bus facility for students and staff members who come from various rural areas.
  • Good academic performance.
  • Departmental Library facility for students.
  • Student internship.
  • Mentor Mentee Scheme