General Science & Humanities Infrastructure & Facilities

Infrastructure & Facilities

The institute has adequate facilities for conducting theory and practical classes. For F.Y. B.Tech Engineering program, four classrooms are available: each 75 sq.m. with adequate seating capacity along with electric fittings like tube lights, fans, board and projector facilities. These amenities ensure proper ambience for teaching-learning process. As the strength of intake of program is 270, program is operated in single shift. Classrooms are provided with good ventilation. Theory Mid Semester examinations and end semester examinations are conducted in the classrooms.

The faculty rooms are available in adequate number and each faculty provided with open cabin. The cabins are provided with necessary furniture and electrical fittings with wi-fi/internet facilities. Four laboratories for the program are provided which are well equipped with adequate facilities and safety measures and are spacious for comfortable. College also having a Redding Room which are useful for students.


Lab Name Sub Code Lab In charge Information about Lab & Practical’s
Physics Lab BTBS107L & BTBS207L Prof. Sulunkhe. S. A To inculcate experimental skills in students and demonstrate the interplay between theoretical & experimental physics to the students. Various experiments from different areas of physics such as, Physical Optics (Michelson Interferometer, Diffraction Grating, Polarization, emission spectra etc
Chemistry Lab BTBS107L& BTBS207L Prof. Yadav K. V. Chemistry experiments include different types of volumetric analysis such as acid-base, complex metric, redox titration using indicator and instruments such as pH meter, conductivity meter and potentiometer.
Communication Lab BTHM109 & BTHM209L Prof. Patil P. D. Students Learn apply speaking and writing skills in professional as well as social situations. Various experiments from different areas of physics communication such as, pronunciation of words, Interview Technique, Effective communication skills, Drafting letter, report etc.
Engineering Mechanics Lab BTES108L & BTES208L Prof. Jadhav S.S To impart experimental skills to students and to demonstrate the inter- relationship between theory& practicalfor the subject Engg. Mechanics various experiments from different areas of mechanics such asStatics & Kinetics particularly force system, equilibrium, lifting machines are conducted.
Engineering Graphics Lab BTES108L & BTES208L Prof. Shivde A. S Drafting software is used for conducting the practical. Introduction to 3-D printing is included